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Seeds of Friendship Paper Book


·    2 pieces of thin cardboard, cut into tag shapes
·    3 or 4 sheets of 12"x12" scrapbook papers--coordinating patterns work best
·    2 seed packets for each book you want to make
·    24" piece of coordinating ribbon, (1/2" wide grosgrain or satin ribbon work well for this project)
·    glue stick or your favorite paper adhesive
·    small brads or eyelets in coordinating colors (optional)
Choose one of your patterned papers to be the cover of your book.  Adhere both of your cardboard tag shapes on your cover paper, leaving approximately 1/2" on all sides of both tags.  Cut out, making sure to leave 1/2" of paper around the entire perimeter of your tags.  Make small cuts at each corner and fold in excess paper, as if you were wrapping a present.  Glue down all of the folded edges. 
From the same paper, cut 2 more tag shapes, 1/4" smaller than your cover pieces.  Place your 2 cover boards next to each other, leaving a small gap between them to allow your book to close flat when finished. 
Lay your ribbon across both boards and glue down.  Now glue the paper tag shapes onto the inside of your book covers.  Cut another 12"x12" piece of patterned paper in half, then place one half right side down on your work surface.  With the long edge facing you, measure up 2 1/2" and fold bottom edge up, crease well and then fold in half the opposite direction.  This will form the pockets to hold your seed packets.  If using eyelets or brads, set one eyelet or brad at both corners of each pocket, to keep your seed packets from falling out. 
Embellish the rest of your book however you like.  Place seed packets in pockets, tie book closed with ribbon and send it off to your friend.   

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