Stencil T-shirt with ColorArtz Airbrush Kit


·    ColorArtz Fabric Airbrush Kit
·    T-Shirt
·    ColorArtz Stencils
·    Anything you can think of to use as a stencil (lace, paper dollies, mesh, or make your own)
·    Paper or cardboard to cover work surface.
1.      Read the directions and assemble the canned air spray gun.
2.      Lay your t-shirt out flat.
3.      Apply the stencil to the fabric.
4.      Protect the rest of your t-shirt if you don’t want it painted. Use paper towels and tape.
5.      Use the narrow spray on the paint pouch for smaller designs in the stencils. Try to work as close to the shirt as possible when trying to paint only one part of the stencil. Cover the rest of the stencil if you can or want to.
6.    If making your own stencil or using something that you found. Test out the design first on a piece of paper. Make sure it won’t blow away from the shirt from the airbrush.
Terri O Tip
·    No need to heat set your t-shirt.
·    I also found that the paint dries very quickly so you can roll and move your shirt around.
·    Use repositionable adhesive or tape to secure your own paper stencil.
·    Once you have used your stencil, place it on a piece of wax paper so you can use it again.

ColorArtz is available at Michaels, JoAnn Fabrics, Hobby Lobby and Roberts Craft Stores.