Mini Post-It Books


Shopping list
·    3"x3" post-it note pad
·    Coordinating scrapbook papers
·    Glue stick or your favorite paper glue
·    Black elastic cording and an eyelet and an eyelet setter
·    OR
·    12" of 1/4" ribbon of your choice
·    Thin cardboard (shirt cardboard works great or recycle a tissue box or similar lightweight cardboard)
·    Small embellishments to decorate the cover of your 'book' (optional)
·    Pencil or bone folder
·    Scissors
1. From cardboard, cut 2 pieces measuring 3"x3" and one strip 3"x1/2"
2. From your papers, cut one piece 4"x7 1/2" (this will be your cover paper) and from a coordinatingPaper, cut 1 piece that measures 2 3/4"x6 1/2" (this will be your liner paper inside book)
3. Lay out your 3 cardboard pieces so they are centered on the 'wrong side' of your 4"x7 1/2" paper, laying the narrow strip of cardboard between the two 3"x3" pieces, leave a very small gap in between all 3 pieces. You should have a 1/2" border of paper all around the outside of your pieces. Once they are layed out correctly, trace around the cardboard pieces with a pencil or with your bone folder. 
4. Glue the cardboard pieces down inside your score lines
5. Slightly miter the corners of your paper, then fold each side over your cardboard pieces, burnish down well with bone bolder or pencil edge. Glue both short sides first, then the 2 long sides.
6. If you are using elastic, set eyelet into the center of the narrow center strip of cardboard. Cut elastic to about 6 inches long, from front side, place ends of elastic through eyelet, and secure both ends to narrow strip with super tacky tape or glue. If using ribbon, place a thin line of glue across middle of all three cardboard pieces, then lay ribbon onto glue, pressing down with fingers.
7. Glue your liner paper on inside of book, covering cardboard pieces and folded edges of cover paper.
8. Decorate front cover if desired with stickers, or other embellishments.