Japanese Gift Wrapping

If you would like to learn more Japanese gift wrapping techniques you can log onto www.origamiworkshop.com  Please let her know Terri O sent you!

To make the Terri O version, I made my own furoshiki cloth but I made mine bigger.  I thought not only was it a great way to wrap a gift but the wrapping becomes part of the gift as well. I made mine about 30”x30”. It makes a great table cloth or table runner.  

·    Sewing machine
·    Fabric
·    iron
1.      I started with one yard of fabric. I turned one corner up to the edge so that could get a perfect square. (or close to it)
2.      Turn the edges in twice and press with an iron.
3.      Stitch around the cloth.
4.  To learn how to wrap with the cloth please watch the webisode.