Tee Shopping Bags


·    An old, but clean and undamaged tank top
·    Sewing machine
·    Thread to match your tank top
·    Clear contact paper
·    Fabric paint in your choice of color
·    Paintbrush or sponge brush
·    A cool stencil design to personalize your 'T-Bag"
·    Cardboard scrap or newspaper
1.      Turn your tank top inside out and stitch the bottom closed.  To reinforce your bag, sew 2 lines of stitching, approximately 1/4" apart, or you can use a serger to complete this step. 
2.      Turn your shirt right side out and VOILA! You have a nifty new shopping bag.  Now you can personalize it! 
3.      Print out a fun, but simple design to use as a stencil (try clip art sites online or try searching Yahoo or Google Images with 'free stencil' as your search word) Print out your design, then tape it to a piece of clear contact paper. 
4.      Carefully cut out your design, cutting through the paper and the contact paper with an exacto knife.  Remove your paper pattern, then remove the 'guts' of your stencil design.  Peel off the paper backing from your stencil and place on your T-Bag, smoothing out any ripples and making sure that the entire stencil is well adhered to your shirt. 
5.      Place a piece of cardboard or a folded sheet of newspaper inside your T-Bag so that the paint will not bleed through to the back side. 
6.      With your paintbrush or sponge, use a pouncing motion to fill in the stencil with fabric paint. Be careful not to let paint 'bleed' under your stencil.  Set aside and let dry for at least 1/2 hour. 
7.      Carefully remove your contact paper stencil and allow shirt to dry completely.  Heat set according to the instructions on your fabric paint bottle.  
8.  Go shopping and show off your cool new eco-friendly T-Bag!